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We have today donated 300 pairs of Science goggles to the NHS - Bromley NHS will be sending them to care homes, social work and GP surgeries this week.


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PLEASE RETWEET: with 36,000 families at our schools in London and Essex, we want to supply food parcels for those in need (on top of free school meals which we’re already doing). We’ll fully fund this but URGENTLY need a supermarket chain to help.


Harris Academy Beckenham Coronavirus Update: the Academy will remain closed to Year 9 and Year 10 students on Friday 20th March 2020. All other year groups to attend Academy as normal. Please visit our website for further information.


Harris Academy Beckenham Coronavirus Update: the Academy will remain closed to Year 9 and Year 10 students on Thursday 19th March 2020. All other year groups to attend Academy as normal. Please visit our website for further information.


Please note that Harris Academy Beckenham is partially closing to Y9 and Y10 students on Wednesday 18th March 2020. Please view our website for further information. Our website will be updated every day at 4.00pm with new information.


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Thank you very much for your kind comments.


Calling all HABE students to showcase their performing talents tonight!


British Science Week - Careful design and planning have resulted in some amazing houses being built exclusively from recycled materials - working towards the future!


Our Y11 students engrossed in a Macbeth workshop in preparation for their Y11 English Literature exam. This performance was followed by a Q&A session giving our students the chance to understand in greater depth the character's intentions, behaviour and mental state of mind.


More visitors to our HABE during British Science Week - fascinating and beautiful!


British Science Week - ZOOLAB. Always a favorite with our students and staff! Snake skins to rats! Fascinating facts and hands on experiences.


... And here we have our finished bath bombs! Well done!! They smell divine and bath time will be a real treat for some of our lucky students or Mums perhaps?


British Science Week at HABE! Making bath bombs today! Today mixing the raw ingredients - tomorrow we see the final results once they have set ...


HABE WBD 2020!


Science and beyond! ...


Invitation to all HABE students! Come and tread the boards and showcase your talents!


Thank you for a brilliant workshop with our Student Commisioners this week.


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Today we launched today we start to make physical activity a habit


Many congratulations to our Y7 Debate Mate team, who have valiantly battled their way through the qualifying rounds today to earn their place in the final against Harris Academy Bermondsey.

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Posted on March 10th 2020

Year 7 Win Harris Federation Debating Prize

Harris Academy Beckenham was proud to take part in the first ever Harris Central Quadrant Debate Competition for Year 7 students last month. Report by Megan, Year 7.

Six different academies from across the Harris Federation took part in the Debate Competition, which took place at Harris Girls' Academy East Dulwich. It was an opportunity to showcase our public speaking skills based on various topics that were part of current affairs.

Debate Comp 205 small

Mr Collier brought a group of six including myself to the competition. We had been working very hard preparing our argument for the motion ‘This house believes the best way to tackle climate change is for individuals to reduce their carbon footprint.’

This was a challenging task and we had the formidable hosts in the first round of the debate. To our luck, we scored 21 points out of a possible 25 to capture the first round of the cup competition.

As students, we were overwhelmed at the fact that we won and got through to the next round where we were battling it out with Harris East Dulwich Boys on an unprepared motion. We were very nervous about the unprepared motion, but it turned out in our favour as it was “Schools should ban the use of school uniforms”.

Mr Collier helped us to prepare our argument for the motion. The semi-final was very tough and East Dulwich were very challenging through numerous points of information and rebuttals which made our argument more difficult to portray but we managed to pull through and engrave our pathway to the finals of the first ever Harris Central Quadrant Debate Competition.

Debate Comp 191 small

The stage was set for a fantastic battle between Harris Academy Beckenham and Harris Academy Bermondsey. The three judges for the final were Rebecca Hickey (Assistant Director), Keith Turpin (Parent Governor) and Chris Brown (Wider Opportunities Director of HAGED).

The final motion was about the impact of social media on the health of teenagers. As a team, Megan, Sasha, Grace and Martin pulled together and concluded the day with an amazing victory. Harris Academy Beckenham had won the first ever Harris Quadrant Debate Competition!

The day was enriched with high level debates and enjoyment. Thank you to Harris Girls' Academy East Dulwich for your welcoming hosting. We look forward to the Harris Central Quadrant Debate for Year 8 which will be hosted by none other than our winners, Harris Academy Beckenham.

By Megan, Year 7.