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As part of our school celebration, we created a video with a few students from our community sharing what they love about their cultural backgrounds. Please view our video... Cultural heritage via ENJOY!


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Every child with and ACE (adverse child experience) needs a knight. That knight can be you. Just one emotionally-available adult in a child's school career can make all the difference. We can make a difference, you can make a difference....


Young Gifted And STEM is an organisation to improve the engagement of Black and Minority Ethnic students with STEM subjects. On Sat 24th October Harris Invictus Academy Croydon will be hosting the launch event aimed at 14-18 year olds. Register here!


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HABE SUPER SUNDAY! Each week a different department will set a challenge - team PE went first.. Get any ball from any sport into a bin as far away as possible, how do you think we did? Tweet your video's or send to


Please view the latest correspondence we have received from the Local Authority regarding Covid 19.


First student commission meeting of the year, Mrs Warnock, Mr Christopher and the student commission discussed 4 main points: COVID, Conduct, Homework & Thinking Hard, a new education system our school is implementing. Created very positive discussions and feedback.


Celebrating BHM.


HABE celebrates Black History Month exhibiting examples of outstanding artwork!


# Oxbridge •Thu 15th Oct – Medicine/Oxbridge applications to be submitted to UCAS •Wed 14th Oct – Medicine/Oxbridge applications to be submitted to HEA •Tue 13th Oct – Medicine/Oxbridge applications to be submitted to HABE Sixth Form Team


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Another excellent turnout for year 8 boys football training this evening


Competition time! History-Research David Olusoga and re-design a front cover for his book Black and British. Explain your re-design in 200 words. Refer to at least three historical details from black British history. Email- Ms Hussein


BHM - Competition time for all HABE students! PE- Send a video of yourself showboating a skill or trick shot in any sport/activity. To enter email- Mr Shone


BHM - Competition time for all HABE students! English- Create a poster of a key black figure exploring their importance (Deadline Fri 16th Oct). To enter email- Ms Valente


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If you’re a parent, drop your kid’s school a line to tell them they’re doing a good job. It’ll mean the world when they find it on Monday morning.


Calling Y12! Introducing K+ Kings College London programme. completely free and offers a programme of events, activities and academic workshops created to help support your university application and more! Apply here Deadline - Friday the 23rdOctober


BHM - celebrating key figures


Celebrating people from every background and culture! “We are changed by what we see. Just as we are changed when we are seen” .


Celebrating Black History Month...


Celebrating cultural cuisine during Black History Month!

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Updated Face Mask Advice and Management

Start of term letter and face covering guidance SEPT 2020

Updated advice on the wearing of face masks

As already communicated, students and staff have the choice of wearing face masks in the corridors and communal areas. However, we must ensure that face coverings when worn, are worn correctly.  The following video identifies the correct way in which to wear a mask.

Click on this link to view the video

Additionally, if local restrictions apply then masks will become mandatory in communal areas and must be worn properly.

Suggestions below to consider

  • Face coverings should be worn over the nose and mouth
  • Face coverings should not be pulled down when speaking
  • Face coverings should not be pulled down under the nose, under the chin or left hanging from an ear.
  • Face covering must be washed with warm soapy water daily if they become dirty or wet, they should be put away until they can be cleaned.
  • Face coverings worn on public transport and out public areas should not be worn in school. Students and staff will be expected to use clean face coverings during school times
  • Face coverings in public areas, if disposable must be thrown away, or if reusable placed in a sealed plastic bag until they have left the academy premises.
  • Face coverings, if disposed of on academy premises, must be disposed of responsibly and not left in classrooms on desks for other to pick up
  • Face coverings must be removed during lesson time and at meal times and placed inside a resealable plastic bag until the end of the lesson or meal times.