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Our esteemed guests, Lord Harris, Mr Tom Conti, Sir Harry and Lady Soloman and Mr David Broome CBE thoroughly enjoyed the performing arts showcase presented this morning, followed by a tour of our new Academy accompanied by our Head Girl, Head Boy and Student Commissioners.


HABE is celebrating after being presented the prestigious SEND Inclusion Award. Representatives from Optimus Education, Prospects and HFED attended the ceremony. The hard work of students, parents and staff means we are the first school internationally to achieve this accolade.


We are proud to announce that one of our fantastic students was awarded 2nd place in the Y9 Bromley Regional Public Speaking Final hosted by Harris Academy Beckenham. Well Done to all those students who took part from HABE and other visiting academies.


Y9 students enjoyed an insightful and engaging day at the Livery Careers Showcase Event at London Guildhall.


HABE have 2 teams competing in today's Y10 Maths Feast! It is a challenging competition testing mathematical, team-working and communication skills. It is a great event for those looking at further maths and a stepping stone to entering the UKMT Senior Team Challenge. Good Luck!


HABE students had a very successful and enjoyable sports tour to Malaga during the Autumn half-term break...


Our Y10 students receive first hand experience of university life during a visit to the London Metropolitan University, meeting with student ambassadors, attending a sociology lecture and exploring the next steps on their educational path.


Congratulations to HABE student James Sears for receiving the Bromley Rotary Club Youth Award for his ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Community’. We are very proud of his achievement.


The grand finale to our Innovation Day was a spectacular fashion show enjoyed by students and staff. On the catwalk were both students and staff whose creations were sourced from recycled materials and proved that HABE haute couture could be real innovative contender!


After a fortifying lunch, the reenactment of the Battle of Hastings commenced, bringing to life the trials and tribulations experienced by the knights and soldiers of the time. To quote one of our students, today has been "the best Innovation Day ever!".


Y10 students studying for their NCFE Level 2 qualification in Business and Enterprise will today be conducting real life field research in our local community. Students will each visit 3 local businesses and find out more about the business - what they offer, how they are run.


Our gardeners have already carefully designed, crafted and decorated their plant labels ready to insert into their planted seed pots later today.


Do homemade sausage rolls, made from scratch using a variety of fresh ingredients and herbs, taste better than shop bought equivalents? Most definitely yes when made by our HABE students during their food tech lessons today!


Our students in the Science department are studying difference forms of sustainable energy today. What can methane be used for? Can water turbines really produce enough energy?


Preparations are in full swing for the reenactment of the Norman Conquest! Having completed their storyboards, providing a clear understanding of the events of the battle, students are busy preparing their props to commence battle after lunch!


Innovation Day is in full swing! Our English department is in the process of discovering who committed the crime? The crime scene is set and forensic evidence is currently being studied. Students will have to write reports recording their findings and ultimately solve the crime!


HABE students are looking forward to Innovation Day tomorrow, offering deep learning experiences. Students will solve the murder mystery case, reenact the Norman Conquest, use their knowledge to escape the Crystal Maze and rise to sporting challenges.


Our talented debate team participated in the 1st round of the Urban Debate League. Students debated controversial issues, remained confident and displayed outstanding debating skills. HABE won three of four debates and will be contenders in the second round of the competition.


Mr Man creates high levels of enthusiasm during Y11 Chemistry intervention sessions. Students are able to discuss exam papers, address misconceptions and develop confidence. Students agreed that this was very useful to recognise how to use their knowledge with greater accuracy.


Our much anticipated first ever Enrichment Fair proved hugely successful with staff and students, who were given the opportunity to explore the varied and exciting extra curricular activities that HABE has to offer.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

The Governing Body

The Role of Governor:

Within England, there are over 300,000 School/Academy Governors, who form the largest volunteer force in the country.

The roles of individual Governors, and subsequently members of a Governing Body, work collectively to perform a strategic role and carry out key functions such as:

  • Discuss and set the aims and objectives for the Academy.
  • Set the required targets for achieving those aims and objectives.
  • Set the required policies for achieving those aims and objectives.
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress that the Academy is making towards its set aims and objectives.
  • Finally the role of role of the Academy Governor is to be a source of challenge and support to the Principal, i.e. a 'critical friend.'

Governors and trustees are one of the largest volunteer forces in the country and have an important part to play in raising school standards. The role of the governing board is absolutely key to the effectiveness of a school. Time and time again Ofsted (the national inspection body for schools) has noted that the most effective schools demonstrate effective leadership and management - including by the governing board.

Strategic Leadership:

School governors  provide strategic leadership and accountability in schools and academies. It is governors who hold the main responsibility for finance in schools, and it is governors who work with the Principal to make the tough decisions about balancing resources.

The Academy Governing Body includes representation from Staff and Parents, as well as our Sponsor Governors. We are very fortunate to have an active Governing body who take a strategic role in ensuring the Academy provides the best possible provision for our learners.

The Chair of the Academy Governing Body at Harris Academy Beckenham is Mr. Karl Hoods. To contact our Chair of Governors, please contact the Clerk to the Governing Body via

Tel: 0208 650 8694

The Governing Body of Harris Academy Beckenham

The Academy is a member of the Harris Federation. Ultimate responsibility for the Academy rests with the Board of Trustees of the Federation, (Federation governance details and scheme of delegation can be found here), but much of the work of the Board is delegated to the Local Governing Body (the Governors of the Academy). Some Governors are appointed by the Federation whilst others are elected by parents or guardians of students at the Academy or by staff. The details of the Governors at Harris Academy Beckenham are shown below.

Name Date of Appointment Term of Office Appointed as Business and
Pecuniary Interests
Meetings attended 2016-17

Ms Rebecca Hickey

01/09/2011 Ex-Officio

Executive Principal

None 4

Mr Karl Hoods

01/09/2011 - Extended for a further 4 years.

4 Years Sponsor Governor; Chair of Governing Body None 4

Ms Angela Kail

01/09/2011 - Extended for a further 4 years. 4 Years Sponsor Governor; Vice-Chair of Governing Body None 4
Mr Phil Saunders 01/09/2011 - Extended for a further 4 years. 4 Years

Sponsor Governor; Chair of Finance Committee

Charity Trustee - Bromley Trust (Help the Aged) & Bacons College 3

Mr James Taylor - Nye

01/05/2012 - Extended for a further 4 years.

4 Years

Parent Governor

None 3

Sir Dan Moynihan

01/09/2011 - Extended for a further 4 years.

4 Years Sponsor Governor CEO of Harris Federation 1

Ms Carolyn English

01/09/2011 - Extended for a further 4 years.

4 Years

Sponsor Governor

Director of Secondary Education at Harris Federation 2

Dr Patrick O'Donnell

01/12/2016 4 Years Sponsor Governor Family Member - Employee of Harris Academy Beckenham 3

Mr Tony Bayon MBE

01/09/2011 - Extended for a  further 4 years. 4 Years Sponsor Governor Governor at Harris Merton, Morden, Crystal Palace & Merton Primary 3

Mrs Laura Sharpe

01/09/2011 - Extended for a further 4 years. 4 Years Sponsor Governor None 3

Mr Kare Sivertsen

05/02/2014 4 Years

Sponsor Governor

Norweigan National Day Committee, Family Member - Governor at Harris Aspire 3

Mrs Gabi Barham

01/01/2017 4 Years Staff Governor (Support Staff)    

Mrs Susy Feitor

01/01/2017 4 Years

Staff Governor(Teaching Staff)


Academy Governing Body Areas of Interest

Mr Karl Hoods ICT, Post 16 and Safeguarding
Ms Angela Kail Humanities
Mr Phil Saunders Maths & More Able
Mr James Taylor-Nye Art, DT & PE
Dr Patrick O'Donnell Science & Health and Safety
Mr Tony Bayon SEN
Mrs Laura Sharpe MFL
Kåre Sivertsen Performing Arts

FGB Governing Body Meetings:

  • Thursday 5th October 2017 – 08:30 AM
  • Thursday 7th December 2017 – 08:30 AM
  • Thursday 15th March 2018 – 08:30 AM
  • Thursday 5th July 2018 – 08:30 AM


FGP Governing Body Meetings:

  • Thursday 23rd November 2017 – 08:30 AM
  • Thursday 1st March 2018 – 08:30 AM
  • Thursday 21st June 2018 – 08:30 AM

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