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Temporary One Way System in Beckenham High Street

Please click here to view the temporary one way system in Beckenham High Street

Works are due to officially start on Saturday 11th February 2017 and will begin at the junction with Albemarle Road, Southend Road and Rectory Road. There will be lane closures on each approach to the junction and the lane closures are expected to be in place for approx 3-4 weeks.

From Saturday 11th March 2017, the next phase of works will begin and a temporary one way system will be introduced to traffic between the junctions of Albemarle Road and Manor Road A222. The temporary one way system will run for Northbound traffic travelling towards Catford/Bellingham. Traffic travelling from other directions will be diverted via Rectory Road to the war memorial roundabout and into Beckenham High Street from the opposite end. Two way traffic will currently remain unaffected between Kelsey Park Road and the war memorial roundabout during this part of works.

The temporary one way system is the most practical traffic management for this section due to the three main traffic light junctions (Albemarle Road/Rectory Road, Bromley Road/Church Avenue and Manor Road/Kelsey Park Road). It would be very difficult and unsafe to manage any other traffic management (such as temporary lights) within the small areas between each set of permanent traffic lights. By enforcing the temporary one way system it will also allow more teams to work on site within the bigger work area and should enable the works to be completed sooner.

TFL and London Buses are aware of the temporary one way system and will be altering their bus routes around the temporary restriction. TFL are currently updating their timetables and route information and once this has been finalised will then be updating it onto their website. TFL will also arrange for information to be displayed on the bus stops that are affected. Once this has been finalised and updated onto TFL’s website, I will forward you the relevant link so that you have the full information.

TFL will also be monitoring and altering the permanent traffic light timings in the area where needed, which will aim to reduce congestion and delays as much as possible.

LB Bromley are in the process of delivering letters to the local businesses and residents that are affected by the works and providing information on the temporary one way system. LB Bromley’s website will also be updated on information regarding the scheme, temporary one way system and a link to TFL’s website showing the details/changes on bus routes.

The first phase of the one way system is expected to be in place for upto six months. Once this section has been completed, the temporary one way system will then extend round to the next section of High Street that is worked on (between Kelsey Park Road and the war memorial roundabout). The start date for the next part of the works is expected to begin in August/September 2017 but we will be able to confirm this closer to the time.

Advanced warning signs will be in place from early next week pre-warning motorists of the upcoming works.

There will be a liaison officer working specifically on the scheme to assist any problems that shopkeepers/residents may have. They are contactable via major.works@bromley.gov.uk and Beckenham@fmconway.co.uk