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Read our new weekly parent newsletter to find out about all the exciting opportunities in place for our students. It can be found here:


Reading for pleasure is a vital element of success at HABE Sixth Form. This week’s must read for Sixth Form is ‘House of Glass’ by Hadley Freeman.


Congratulations to our Yr10 students who applied and successfully been selected to attend the Virtual Aerospace Work Experience programme by Airbus! The programme will take place between 30/11/2020 and 13/12/2020 and begins with Airbus Commercial!




3rd week into our new “Reading for Pleasure” at HABE! Students are been given the opportunity to read a vast range of multicultural and diverse books while also stopping at various stages to check their learning. Shout out to Mr O'Toole for showing excellent practice!


We've also shared details of our consultation with our local and neighbouring local authorities


As well as contacting nurseries, preschools, primary and secondary schools, we've also sent details of our consultation to all our local GP surgeries, places of worship, libraries and diocesan boards. It's your chance to have YOUR say on our


a BIG thank you to all our local newsagents, coffee shops, cafe's, estate agents and take away services who very kindly agreed to our delivery of posters today advertising our !


Please find all details of the consultation including details of how to respond by visiting Harris Academy Beckenham's website or clicking on the following link:


Retweetd From HABE Performing Arts

The Performing Arts department are happy to unveil our new uniform! No more will we be performing in business dress. 🎭


Congratulations to our BHM competition winners. We are very proud to showcase their outstanding work! Well done from all at HABE!


Retweetd From HABE Sport

🚨 ALL year 7 and 8 students who have PE tomorrow, please bring trainers! No other kit is required 🚨 any questions please email


Well done to these brilliant students for being nominated for this month’s Principal’s Breakfast.


Showcasing outstanding Y7 and Y8 artwork - a joy to be met with each morning in the entrance of the Academy!


Year 12 Workshop- Steve Sallis Author: Mindset & Leadership Mentor “Will my “Future Self” thank me for the decisions I make today?”


Retweetd From HABE Sport

Our Sports Leaders 2020-2021 cohort working hard this morning


We are very excited to launch our new "Reading for Pleasure" programme led by Mr Collier. The aim of this programme is to help and equip students with the decoding skills to tackle any written text/book while also enhancing their vocabulary to becoming experts in the field.


As part of our school celebration, we created a video with a few students from our community sharing what they love about their cultural backgrounds. Please view our video... Cultural heritage via ENJOY!


Retweetd From Trauma Informed Schools UK

Every child with and ACE (adverse child experience) needs a knight. That knight can be you. Just one emotionally-available adult in a child's school career can make all the difference. We can make a difference, you can make a difference....

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Design Technology

Curriculum intent

At Harris Academy Beckenham we want to create a diverse curriculum which is intrinsically linked to and fully embodies our learning ethos: Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reflectiveness and Resilience.

Our intention is to inspire our students with a love for all things D&T to allow them to become confident individuals with inquisitive minds who will have the courage, skills and knowledge to thrive in the 21st century. 

From a very young age children teach themselves how to draw, paint, build or fix things when they are broken without being shown or taught these skills. Through the delivery of our Design Technology curriculum students are better prepared to deal with tomorrow’s ever changing world.

D&T encourages children to become independent, creative problem-solvers and thinkers as individuals and as part of a team - making positive changes to their quality of life. It enables them to identify needs and opportunities and to respond to them by developing a range of ideas and by making products and systems.

We wish to instil a curiosity within our students which means they will ask questions and seek answers when creating new ideas, acquiring new skills and draw on disciplines such as mathematics, science, engineering, computing and art. We challenge students with engaging design briefs and instil a sense of curiosity within the students by enabling them to create work of their own inspired by well know designers, architects or engineers such as Philippe Starck, Charlotte Perriand, Zaha Hadid to name a few.

Finally, developing our students’ sense of appreciation for the design/creative industry supports them in finding their own identity as young designers, enabling them to develop a greater sense of self- awareness and affirming their own ideologies or perception of what design really is. Design and technology offer children a chance to use creative thinking and activity within a defined purpose and tangible outcome. It can be found in many of the object’s children use each day and is a part of children’s immediate experiences.


Key Stage 3

During Year 7 students are taught as part of a ‘carousel’ system, where classes of students rotate around the D&T staff and classrooms every ten weeks.  In Design and Technology students are given the opportunity experiment, gain confidence and new skills through project based learning.

Each project allows access to a range of different practical learning opportunities with a focus on Health and Safety, outcomes and processes. All units aim to raise the students’ sense of achievement by creating finished products of high quality. Students gain understanding on the importance of accuracy and practice to create outcomes values by them. Working in a confined space together, sharing tools and equipment means that students need to be considerate and aware of health and safety implementations. D&T creates a big sense of team work allowing students to create together, help each other and take inspiration from each other.

Food Preparation and Nutrition is an exciting and creative course which focuses on practical cooking skills to ensure students develop a thorough understanding of nutrition, food provenance and the working characteristics of food materials.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 we also have a varied offer for our examined options ensuring that we are inclusive for all students who wish to follow a design technology or hospitality-based route. Extending the project based approach from KS3, students:

  • Design and make products for key events and individuals that have influenced the world of Design Technology are teaching focuses that are to be covered.
  • The use of computer programmes and applications are also a key focus to be utilised by children in their design of their products.

The GCSE course in year 10 and year 11 is taught by subject specialists to enable students to look at the design problems we can solve. And in doing this we will look at learning outcomes not projects. We want students to be able to define design problems for themselves and address the solutions to them. The designing activities undertaken will enable our students to consider the needs of individuals and society within both our own community and the wider world.

We give our students opportunities to use a wide range of materials and processes and to work both independently and as part of a team.


We will know the impact of the curriculum we have planned through the delivery of a high-quality education, quality assured through qualitative and quantitative measures such as:

  • Attainment and Achievement outcomes. The final measurable outcomes achieved by the students that we teach will be a clear indication of the quality of our Design and Technology curriculum.  This can also be used as a measure of the standard of teaching and learning within the subject.
  • Assessments. Assessment of children's learning in Design Technology is an ongoing monitoring of children's understanding, knowledge and skills by the class teacher, throughout lessons. This assessment is then used to inform differentiation, support and challenge required by the children. Summative assessment is conducted termly to inform the teacher of progress or skills and knowledge still to be embedded.

Year 7 Curriculum Plan 2019-2020

Year 8 Curriculum Plan 2019-2020

Year 9 Curriculum Plan 2019-2020

Year 10 Curriculum Plan 2019-2020

Y11 Curriculum Plan 2019-2020