Our student leaders having a working breakfast as they plan next terms society projects.


🚨 SPORTS TOUR 🚨 ⚽️🏀GIBRALTAR - APRIL 2025🏈🏐Year 7 and 8 sports teams invited! Please see Ms Jaymes for more information.


🚨 EXTERNAL EXTRA-CURRICULAR CLUB OFFERS 🚨 - Cheerleading (Thursday) - Dance (Tuesday- Lacrosse (Friday)- Muay Thai (Wednesday)Please see Mr Stokes for more information.


🚨 2024 SKI TRIP CLIP 🚨Thank you again to all staff that gave up their half-term and our brilliant students for the most amazing trip! Excited to get the plans started for next year ✈️ If you would like the full video, please come and see Miss Saunders ⛷️


🚨 SPORTS TOUR 🚨 ⚽️🏀GIBRALTAR - APRIL 2025🏈🏐Year 7 and 8 sports teams invited! Please see Ms Jaymes for more information.


🚨 EXTERNAL EXTRA-CURRICULAR CLUB OFFERS 🚨 - Cheerleading (Thursday) - Dance (Tuesday- Lacrosse (Friday)- Muay Thai (Wednesday)Please see Mr Stokes for more information.


And that’s a wrap on the 2024 Ski Trip 👏🏼 Thank you to for helping organise such an amazing trip and well done to our brilliant students for the past 6 days, creating new memories and overcoming challenges⛷️🥶✈️❄️


Our ski trip award winners ⛷️ Skier of the week - Raul L Most resilience - Lerato T Kindest student - Austen C Most improved - Maggie DMost organised - Nicholas CBiggest team player - Eugene CMost involved - Lydia SBest vibes - Emma NWell done to all 👏🏼


ETA is 13:50 🚌


We have boarded the coaches and ready to make our way back to HABE. Our ETA is 13:45 🚌


We have landed at LHR ✈️


We are now boarding the flight to LHR ✈️


We are at Geneva Airport, waiting to check in ✈️ Flight time is 10.25am. ETA to arrive back at HABE is still 14:00pm.


Group 2 this afternoon on the slopes ❄️⛷️🥶


Group 5 flying down a blue slope from the top of the mountain this morning ⛷️🥶❄️


Groups 2, 4, 5 and 6 at the top of the mountain this afternoon, before the final afternoon of skiing ❄️⛷️


Last day on the slopes ⛷️❄️🥶

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office

















Student Voice

The voice of our students plays an important part in the successful running of the Academy.

There are many avenues through which students can voice their views, both informally and formally. From running for Student Leadership Group to joining Student Council to participating in student surveys, we want every student to know that their voice is heard and valued.

Student Voice also provides opportunities for students to engage with the larger community. By supporting charities through fundraisers, raising the profile of the academy within Beckenham and opportunities to participate in the Bromley Youth Council, students have the chance for student voices to be amplified and make an impact beyond our four walls.

If you would like to find out more about our Student Voice programme at Harris Academy Beckenham then please email Miss Alexander

Student voice table of leadership

Message from our Head Girl and Head Boy

Here's a message from James and Olivia, the Head Boy and Head Girl here at Harris Academy Beckenham.

Our 6th form student leaders are taking the lead with Student Voice. The Head Boy and Girl lead Student Leadership Group meetings with Prefects mentoring year groups. They meet on a regular basis to plan and present ideas to the Principal and Assistant Leadership Group.

Hello there, everyone!

We are James and Olivia, the Head Boy and Head Girl here at Harris Academy Beckenham!

Both of us have been students at HABE since Year 7, and so we have seen first-hand the growth of HABE throughout the years.

As Sixth Form students now, it feels both scary and exciting to be completing our A-Levels and advancing into our future after HABE! However, we are incredibly grateful for the staff here at our school, for their passion and drive towards helping us achieve our full potential.

Since we have been here for so long, we understand some of the troubles that our younger students can face, whether it be stress from homework, schoolwork, exams or other circumstances. In the aftermath of the pandemic, it can still be quite hard for some students to adjust to normal school life and adapt to new forms of learning.

As a result, we are both very focused on giving a voice to these students, both through our positions as senior members of the Student Leadership Group (which helps to make improvements in different parts of our school). Recently, we have been focusing on subjects such as bullying and mental health, as well as deciding on which charity we should choose in light of the upcoming Christmas Break, which can be a very stressful time for many, especially given the country’s circumstances at this time.

We want to be figures that students can approach with any problem, from worries about their mental health to even struggles with a particular subject they are studying. We would be more than happy to listen to them!

We aspire, as Head Boy and Head Girl, to ensure that every student at Harris Academy Beckenham has a comfortable and enjoyable learning experience, whether it be your first day of Year 7, or your last week in Year 13! We do hope you have a wonderful time at our school, and we are always here as someone to listen to – and be a voice – to your concerns.

James and Olivia :)

Student Leadership Group

Our Student Leadership Group (SLG) at HABE is made up of eight societies around each of our eight HABEcharacter traits. To be part of the Character Societies, students across all year groups have the opportunity to go through a rigorous application process at the beginning of each academic year. 

Each character trait is focused on a specific key area, creating action plans and working towards their own projects to improve the student experience here at HABE throughout the year:

  • Kindness Society – Mentoring Programmes
  • Respect Society – Anti-Bullying Programmes
  • Integrity Society – School Culture & Character Development Days
  • Ambition Society – Careers Development
  • Creativity Society – Enrichment & Creative Voices
  • Courage Society – Mental Health Provision
  • Curiosity Society – Teaching and Learning & Literacy
  • Optimism Society – Rewards and Charity Work

Character Societies 2023-24

This year, a total of 80 students across year groups 7-13 have successfully secured their membership in one of the Character Societies, following a rigorous application process of 130 applicants. Each Society is led by two Sixth Form students, taking on the responsibilities as Society Chair and Society Secretary.









Meeting dates

If your son/daughter has been successful in becoming part of the Student Leadership Group, he/she will be invited to attend a Principal's Breakfast with Mrs Warnock and Miss Alexander on the 3rd and 10th November 2023.

This first meeting will provide the opportunity to celebrate their success in securing their membership in of our Character Societies and meet their Chair, Secretary and co-members. 

Following October half-term, Societies will then meet on a regular basis, working towards the completion of their own projects by March:

  • Friday 3th November 2023: Principal's Breakfast for the Kindness, Respect, Integrity and Ambition Societies
  • Friday 10th November 2023: Principal's Breakfast for the Creativity, Curiosity, Courage and Optimism Societies
  • Friday 24th November 2023: Character Society Boot Camp - How does an effective Society function?
  • Friday 8th December 2023: Character Society Agenda Meeting 1
  • Friday 15th December 2023: Character Society Agenda Meeting 2
  • Friday 15th December 2023: Character Society Project Meeting 1
  • Friday 12th January 2024: Character Society Project Meeting 2
  • Friday 9th February 2024: Character Society Project Meeting 3
  • Friday 15th March 2024: Character Society Project Presentation & Feedback
  • Friday 29th March 2024: Character Society Reflection & Celebration