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👋 Still deciding where to study for Sixth Form?! We've got you! Here's - Day 3 is focused on our HABE Diploma. Apply to HABE today 👉'


Year 7 – keeping fit, keeping healthy! Healthy heads and healthy hearts!


👋 Still deciding where to study for Sixth Form?! We've got you! Here's , day 2 - our extra-curricular offer! Apply to HABE today 👉


Three days until our Sixth Form Live Q&A - join us on Thursday 21st January 4-5pm using this link: '


👋 Still deciding where to study for Sixth Form?! We've got you! Here's , starting with our broad curriculum offer. Apply to HABE today 👉"


Good Morning to all our HABE students! Enjoy this week's newsletter filled with information, suggestions and top tips!


'Revision Revelation' will encourage students weekly, to try out effective techniques for consolidating their learning. This week's 'revelation' is 'Reduce It!'. Find the tutorial on the student shared area and e-mail in any of your fantastic creations!


We would like to further support our Sixth Form students with their independent learning by providing them with our new HABE at Home booklet which has been created by their subject teachers. Find an online copy here:


Get Ready Y11, HABE Sixth Form Taster Session go live on Tuesday 19th January!


Shout out to our amazing teachers. Celia, this is for you. Bringing Dickens to life!


A-level and GCSE grades: Call to scrap 'panic-inducing' tests - BBC News


Amazing Attendance in Sixth Form -well done everyone Year 12 -97% Year 13 – 97% # The Sixth Form team feeling very proud


# Reciprocity in Action, our community rocks. # HABE Parents Being Brilliant Thank you for your support this week, have a HABE happy Friday from all the staff.


'Shout out to all the Y8 teachers who are clearly working so hard to deliver a high quality online learning programme. This cannot be easy for anyone, and my husband and I just wanted to say thank you very much for everything you are doing. It is very much appreciated.' Y8 parent


'I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Staff & Teachers at HABE for their ongoing support & dedication to the Students & Parents without whom I for one would not have got through this very trying time. So from my family I THANK YOU.' Y11 parent.


Wow HABE! Congratulations everyone – ‘we are smashing this out of the park.’ Attendance significantly above national averages. Today’s shout out goes to Year 10 – # Love learning # Our future matters Year 11 -95% Year 10 – 96% Year 9 - 92% Year 8 - 93% Year 7 – 91%


Well done to our fabulous Y10- attendance yesterday was 94% - an amazing start to week 2 – thank you to our parents and carers for your continued support and encouragement!


Well done to our fabulous Y11- attendance yesterday was 96% - an amazing start to week 2 – thank you to our parents and carers for your continued support and encouragement!


Virtual Enrichment! How many points are you going to make for your faculty?

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















A World Class School

Harris Academy Beckenham has been awarded the World Class Schools Quality Mark (WCSQM) having successfully completed the accreditation process in 2019. We are now officially a world class school.  

WCSQM awards a quality mark to non-selective state schools that offer the best education to young people in the UK. Unlike other national assessment bodies, it assesses the students and not the school, using a framework of skills and competencies young people need to flourish in an emerging global economy.

To achieve the status of World Class, students have to demonstrate that they are truly World Class through their successful participation in the rigorous assessment process.

WCSClassroom of the future

The final stage of the assessment saw students from 25 applicant schools visit UTC Reading, a University Technical College, where they had to work in teams to design a ‘Classroom for the future’. It had to be a modern, innovative, ‘future proof’ and environmentally sustainable learning space.

Working in teams of primary and secondary students combined, students were required to carry out pre-event planning, research and design work, laying the groundwork for the assessment day. On the day, students met with consultants to seek expert help before creating designs, brochures, films, and a 3D model of the space.

At the end of the day, each team presented their designs to a panel of industry experts, sourced by UTC Reading, who helped to assess whether students had the World Class skills and competencies to secure their school WCSQM accreditation.

Our students were successful and we are delighted and proud of them for achieving this prestigious honour for our school.

Find out more about the World Class Schools.