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Praise from ‘Impact Factor’ after their experience with us for . They said that this was absolutely one of their ‘best experiences’ they spoke highly of the students' respectfulness and attitudes, as well as the welcoming and friendly nature of the staff.


‘I just wanted to say how impressed I was yesterday with the detailed curriculum thinking that is going on in the History team... the team were enthusiastic, collaborative and focused on how to provide students with the best possible curriculum.’ - Federation History Consultant.


'Hunt for confidence' in the sports hall, yoga in the hall, mindfulness drawing in the drama studio..


A focus on our students safety, mental health and wellbeing


A special visitor for our students on Character Development Day!


Today is Character Development Day! Our fantastic staff have been working hard to develop an exciting programme for her students to develop their learning and understanding of this important area.


Congratulations to our very talented UK Maths Challenge winners!


Any act of kindness goes a long way! Our students are encouraged to embrace this and following the launch of our Kindness Box this week, we are already congratulating students singled out by their peers for their own acts of kindness. We are immensely proud of our students!


Retweetd From World Class Schools

We are not surprised. Typical behaviour.


Our Year 11 have been amazing! Well done and good luck. A deserving send off 👏👏👏.


A huge congratulations to those who took part in the online Junior Math Challenge '21 28–29 April - students worked hard to prepare, and should be exceptionally proud of themselves. No matter their result, it is an achievement to have the opportunity to sit the challenging paper!


Meet our students who have gone above and beyond either academically or through their extra curricular activities. We like to celebrate their achievements with a brunch with our Principal!


We are so proud to receive a message like this: 'But how impressed I was when one extremely polite young man stood back and held back his mates to allow me to go in first. Probably doesn't sound much but what a fantastic impression it gave of the students at the Academy.'...


Meet our Y8 Heroes who saved our signet, seen here receiving their certificates!


Retweetd From Steve Daniels

Can the brilliant community help reach 1000 followers! I am of course biased, however, great work takes place to support the & of young people every day! The more people we reach the more people we can help ❤️


Thanks to our caring students, this baby swan was rescued from attacking crows and shortly to be picked up by the Sevenoaks Swan Sanctuary.


Fantastic opportunity for our future medics at HABE....


Retweetd From HPABeckenham

Ok to tweet: Science club was in full action this week with their first eggsperiment. Which material will make the best parachute and ensure your egg doesn’t crack 🥚 . Hard boiled eggs this week. The real deal next week and thrown from the roof 😱


Y7 practised observational drawing skills , sketching natural forms at our nature reserve.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Reading at Home

Adding reading to your daily routine really supports both literacy and wellbeing – and can be very enjoyable too!

This page has some useful links to reading resources and other tips to help keep reading engaging and positive. Please do share your own ideas and experiences with us too, so we can all learn from each other.

If you have any queries concerning passwords, reading levels, reading tips or how to find reading materials, please email our librarian Ms Mazwi,


Learning Resources Centre - weekly newsletter

While school is closed, we will be emailing students a weekly newsletter from the school library with useful information and some familiar challenges and competitions. Winners will receive faculty points! Please do send in your reviews, drawings, book recommendations or poems, to be published in the newsletter and on the school website. For any queries or contributions please e-mail Ms Mazwi Happy reading!

Learning Resource Centre Newsletter - 1st May 2020

Learning Resource Centre Newsletter - 8th May 2020

Learning Resource Centre Newsletter - 15th May 2020

Learning Resource Centre Newsletter - 22nd May 2020

Learning Resource Centre Newsletter  - 5th June 2020

Learing Resource Centre Newsletter - 12th June 2020

Learnng Resource Centre Newsletter - 19th June 2020

Learning Resource Centre Newsletter - 26th June 2020

Learning Resource Centre Newsletter - 25th January 2021

Learning Resource Centre Newsletter - 1st February 2021

Learning Resource Centre Newsletter- 8th February 2021

Learning Resource Centre Newsletter 22nd February 2021

Learing Resource Centre Newsletter 1st March 2021

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader Letter May-2020

Accelerated Reader is a great tool for all year 7-9 students to support your independent reading practice. Develop your reading skills most effectively by choosing appropriately challenging books.

When you have finished reading your book you can log on to Accelerated Reader using the link below and we will track your activity and reward you with Faculty Points for every successful quiz you take.

If you have any queries concerning passwords, reading levels, or getting hold of books, please contact our librarian Ms Mazwi

Click HERE to access Accelerated Reader

How often should I being reading?

The short answer is, as often as you like! During a normal school day, every student has a minimum of 20 minutes dedicated to reading.

To help continue this habit while at home, we are encouraging students to aim to read at least 2—3 times a day for 20 minutes. if you can, including 20 minutes reading aloud to a parent, sibling or even a pet! Try and build in one reading aloud session each day.


Ten selected books for each year-group,  recommended by your English teachers to inspire your reading choices. 


DEAR Time Reading 

DEAR time Y7

DEAR time Y8

DEAR time Y9

DEAR time Y10

Bedrock Vocabulary

Reading will really help to keep our brains active, engaged and learning while our school is temporarily closed.  At Harris Academy Beckenham, all year 7-9 students have been using an online program Bedrock Vocabulary Learning to develop your vocabulary acquisition.

To make required progress across the programme, you must complete at least three lessons a week, which run for 20 minutes each. Your login and password details have been provided to you by the English Department. If you have lost these details, you can ask your parent or career to email Ms Valente ( In the email please make clear the name of your English teacher so she can find your details.

Remember you can download Bedrock onto your phones and ipads too! The English Department will track your activity and reward you with Faculty Points for every green progress made each week.

Log into Bedrock here 

Reading Bingo! - KS3 Challenge

Book Review Template HABE

HABE Bingo KS3 - Reading Challenge

  • Print out the Bingo Sheet or save it to your computer
  • You can choose any of the tasks you would like to complete in your spare time
  • Fill out a book review for each book. Once you’ve done five, send your five book reviews to
  • If you complete 5 tasks in a row you will get a certificate and win a prize!


Bromley Library online

Click HERE to view the list of local Libraries where great online resources can be found.

More books and audiobooks

If you have a subscription of Amazon prime, there is a great selection of free books, magazines and comics available. Here are two websites offering free online books and audiobooks

If you don´t have internet access please contact us and we will try to supply free copies. Don’t forget some students will have books from our school-library at home.

Guidance for parents

Here are a few other tips that you might try:

  • Read together with your child, reading out loud in turns. Could your child read to a younger sibling?
  • Try to keep the reading sessions fun and relaxed, perhaps by using different voices, or acting out scenes.
  • Ask questions and discuss the storyline, characters, language, setting. Guess what is going to happen.
  • Track your progress through our HABE reading at home log and send the results to our librarian for faculty points.
  • Keep praising your child, especially when they find reading difficult.

Remember, if you have any queries concerning reading, please email our librarian Ms Mazwi ( We're here to support you in any way we can.

And don't forget to tell us how you're getting on. This is new territory for all of us and it's great to learn from each other.