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👋 Still deciding where to study for Sixth Form?! We've got you! Here's - Day 7 is focused on our destinations support. Apply to HABE today 👉 '


WOW, look at this! Amazing talented work Tanay Y10. # Wouldn’t it be marvellous to host a student virtual art gallery. Thank you parents and students for sending in your work, it brings us such pleasure and pride to see your talent.


HABE - "I just wanted to congratulate the school on the first virtual consultant day. It was smooth and efficient and it was lovely to put a face to a teacher's name. I just want to thank you and all the staff for all your hard work and the obvious care & commitment."


OUTSTANDING, EXTREMELY TALENTED STUDENT ARTWORK - Jack, Y9. Images relate to the pandemic, others are portraits of famous people (Keanu Reeves!) while the remainder reflect his interest in Banksy, manga cartoons or interpretations of different songs.


👋 Still deciding where to study for Sixth Form?! We've got you! Here's - Day 6 is focused on our HEA Programme. Apply to HABE today 👉'


We are now into our 3rd week of remote learning and Ms Wrighton is reading “1984” by George Orwell, with our Y10s who commented - "It's been magical to read aloud every morning for The Big Read and create a sense of community when we are all having to spend so much time apart."


Thank you also to our parent/carers for your continued support. It really does make all the difference.


Read all about it! Read all about it! Student Newsletter below - read all about it!!


👋 Still deciding where to study for Sixth Form?! We've got you! Here's - Day 5 is focused on us being a World Class School. Apply to HABE today 👉'


For all our budding Geographers in Year 7 and 8 - Practice makes perfect.


Congratulations - what amazing photos!


BOOK OF THE WEEK! Chain of Iron "a serial murderer is targeting the Shadowhunters of London" In this dangerous and romantic sequel to The Last Hours:Chain of Gold - are The Shadowhunters going to catch the killer? Expect love, suffering and bloodshed!


NATIONAL LITERACY WEEK - 25TH JANUARY. Click on the link to find out more - free webinars not to be missed!


Sixth form attendance today 100% for year 12 and 13 # You have got this!


Y7 and Y11 Parent Consultation meetings will be held across two days on Wednesday 27th January and Thursday 28th January 8.00am-4.30pm. Meetings will be held virtually through SchoolCloud. Appointments are now open to parent/carers.


👋 Still deciding where to study for Sixth Form?! We've got you! Here's - Day 4 is focused on our Aim High Lecture Series. Apply to HABE today 👉'


👋 Still deciding where to study for Sixth Form?! We've got you! Here's - Day 3 is focused on our HABE Diploma. Apply to HABE today 👉'


Year 7 – keeping fit, keeping healthy! Healthy heads and healthy hearts!


👋 Still deciding where to study for Sixth Form?! We've got you! Here's , day 2 - our extra-curricular offer! Apply to HABE today 👉


Three days until our Sixth Form Live Q&A - join us on Thursday 21st January 4-5pm using this link: '

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Curriculum intent

The Religious Studies curriculum is intended to provide powerful knowledge about religious beliefs and practices. Students will acquire a religious and cultural literacy, which will enable them to engage fully in British culture, society, literature, and the arts. Students will have developed a working knowledge of and practical appreciation for the diverse range of religions and cultures present in our school, local and national community. The department believe that our students should be engaging actively and productively in the religious, cultural, civic and political life of the United Kingdom as thoughtful and reflective citizens.


Students are taught at Key Stage 3 one 80-minute lesson per week to allow them to delve into the powerful knowledge that they will need to fully appreciate the world that they live in. Students cover theological theories on what a religion is, knowledge of different world religions as well as the religion's role within British society.

In all lessons taught within the religious studies department there are key aspects that are present. There is a clear focus on knowledge retention, though the use of “Knowledge Retrieval”, where students are presented with questions from last lesson, last month and last term. This will help to embed the key knowledge that they need in their long-term memory. By presenting students with the “Bigger Picture” students are able to understand why studying religion still has importance in the modern world.

At GCSE we have chosen the AQA specification as enlists the expectation for students to garner an in-depth Theological knowledge of Muslim and Christian beliefs and practices as well as a thematic section on wealth and poverty, family, animal rights and life. Religious knowledge is at the foundation of the Thematic dialogue and students are expected to base arguments on theological principles of studied previously.


Students will have a detailed knowledge of religious beliefs will be evident through informally assessed practice of interleaving from lesson to lesson and use of content (in particular use of scripture, theological and philosophical vocabulary) in class debates, classwork and extended writing opportunities of “Silence is Golden” tasks.

Students will be confident in their knowledge of Religious Studies and be able to both verbally and in written form explain their ideas in detail as well as justifying their points with well selected evidence. Students will also have an appreciation for the beliefs of others and why religious tolerance has such an important role to play in Society today.

Year 7 Curriculum Plan 2019-2020

Year 8 Curriculum Plan 2019-2020

Year 9 Curriculum Plan 2019-2020

Year 11 Curriculum Plan 2019-2020