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Your chance to go down in history! You are being asked to reflect on your experiences of lockdown for a digital time capsule to be displayed on a dedicated Children of Lockdown website kept forever as part of the British Library’s UK Web Archive - visit


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This about a game of don’t let the ballon hit the floor! Great for movement, hand eye coordination and tactics. Just make sure you have space!


Welcome to our new Y6 students starting in September 2020! We are very excited about meeting you in person soon, however in the meantime please take a look at our Virtual Tour of the Academy and our Welcome Guide to Y6 via the link ...


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This half-term, Performing Arts students at HABE will be set various weekly activities to get creative juices flowing. This week: creating instruments and music from household objects and devising a piece of theatre, taking on the role of performer, director and designer.


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Day 5: Virtual Sports Day- The HABE Lockdown Pentathlon. Access the easy to follow guide on MS Teams or the HABE website. Good luck and stay hydrated 🥇🥈🥉


For those of you that didn’t make our Virtual Sports Awards yesterday evening; you can still watch it by clicking the link: Well done to our amazing PE team


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Day 3 of National School Sports Week; - Reminder that Sports Awards is tonight at 6pm. Invitations have gone out via email to our sport stars. If you have not received an email and are apart of football,rugby or netball please email b.judd for the link


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We warmly welcome staff and students from to our Virtual Symposium. We feel privileged to be featuring your students.


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Day 2 of National School Sports Week; - remember to send in your selfies 🤳 to be involved in the virtual team photo.. here are just a few of our students who have represented the school this year 🏉⚽️🏀🏐


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Day 1 of National School Sports Week; A massive thank you to those who have sent in their selfies for - if you haven’t could you please send your selfies across to Mr Shone (boys) or Miss Picton (girls) by the end of the day 🤳🏉⚽️🏐


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We’re supporting National School Sports Week at home 2020. Please check your emails, Microsoft Teams and the website to see what has on offer for next week! ⚽️🏀🏈🏓🏏🏋🏼‍♀️⛹🏽‍♀️🤸🏼🤾🏼‍♀️🧘🏼🏊🏼‍♀️🥇🥈🥉🏆


We are loving Mr Ford's Science red cabbage experiment Our students have thoroughly enjoyed engaging with this challenge and just look at the scientific findings we have been sent!


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London Youth Games Week 2 Challenege.. Take part in the crossover dribble basketball challenge and compete for a chance to be chosen MVP of the week to win a pair of Nike trainers.. it’s all to play for! Good Luck!


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This half term, Performing Arts students at HABE will be set various weekly activities to get creative juices flowing. This week, composing a piece of body percussion inspired by Stomp and to devise a piece of theatre using props/creating props using Physical Theatre.


Congratulations to our HABE DofE students who have participated in a certificate of social value for 2019-20 for contributing 455 hours, to an incredible total of 356,616 hours, of volunteering in their local community! Thank you Ms Picton for leading our students #


Another OUTSTANDING performance from the HABE virtual orchestra and choir! Please click on the link to hear their version of 'Times Like These' A huge well done to all our performers and a special thank you to our very own Ms Stone!


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Hope everybody had a lovely half-term! Weekly challenge: can you complete 7-8 hours of any physical activity this week? The more variety the better ⚽️🏈🏓🏏🏌🏼‍♂️🚴🏼‍♂️ First 5 people to screenshot and send to us will be nominated for virtual champion next week! 🏆


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This half-term, Performing Arts students at HABE will be set various weekly activities to get their creative juices flowing. This week: Song Writing and devising a News Report


An important message to our all our students!


It’s thank a teacher day!! Why don’t you email a teacher today to thank them for what they do for you?

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Curriculum intent

It is our belief that Physical Education is vital in maintaining our students' health; not just their physical health but using PE and Sport as a vehicle to improve positive mental health and social wellbeing for all our students.

The purpose of the PE curriculum and enrichment programme is to provide opportunity for high quality teaching and learning, which immerses students in specialist knowledge, and inspires them to engage in a lifelong love of sport.

Underpinning the curriculum design is the Academy learning ethos of the 4 Rs; resilience, reciprocity, reflectiveness and resourcefulness. These are not only vital characteristics and skills for life but are essential for what is takes to be successful in the world of sport. Our curriculum is inclusive for all abilities, aiming to nurture world class athletes as well as support more reluctant students to find a sport they can commit to and enjoy.

Within Key Stage 3 we expose our students to a broad and balanced curriculum which provides them with opportunity to master the fundamental skills which underpin sports performance across a wide range of sporting contexts, both within lesson time and within the extensive enrichment program.

Within Key Stage 4 we provide the opportunity for students to study a greater depth of knowledge within the subject through a wide range of examination courses which provide a suitable route for all students whether it be the academic performance-based GCSE route or a more vocational BTEC/ CTEC Sports Science or Dance route. Across both key stages, knowledge is sequenced coherently so that students’ appreciation of sport and PE incrementally grows to specialist understanding term on term.


Our overarching aim is to provide a high quality, broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum and enrichment program that encourages excellence, lifelong participation and enjoyment of sport and physical activity.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 the focus in PE in on a broad and balanced curriculum which gives students the opportunity to participate in a variety of different sports. Within these sports the focus is on developing a deep knowledge of the threshold movement skills and tactics which underpin all sports, such as throwing, catching and movement skills in team sports; forehand, backhand and footwork skills in net sports; and finally hitting, retrieving and tactical awareness in striking and fielding sports.

As well as the practical focus we also look to embed a mastery theme across each year group. Each term focuses on a strand of theoretical knowledge which underpins sports performance, this helps to create a bigger picture for our students of what it takes to be an elite sports person. Example themes are basic anatomy and physiology, the components of fitness and effective warm ups. These key mastery concepts will be taught discretely through depth of questioning and where relevant when teaching knowledge of successful skill acquisition.

The sports at Key Stage 3 are selected to best suit the intent, the cohort of students, staff specialisms, and in years 8 and 9 when classes are set, to best suit the ability level of the students. Students are assessed on each sport both practically and on the mastery strands, this is done through the class teachers’ observations and interactions with each student across the term, this ensures that those students who have a deep knowledge of physical education but not necessarily the practical ability can still gain successful attainment within the subject.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 we also have a varied offer for our examined options ensuring that we are inclusive for all students who wish to follow a sports-based route in Key Stage 4. Whether students follow OCR CTECH Sports Science, OCR GCSE PE or Dance they will receive two 80-minute lessons a week of high-quality teaching. The two 80-minute lessons allow students to embed key knowledge and skills that are required to achieve. Students are taught in a variety of engaging ways to develop the key concepts and skills necessary with an emphasis put on creative, imaginative and interactional ways to learn.

The long-term plans are developed to sequence learning in a way which flows across the key stage with each topic area leading into, and relating to the next, this ensure there is fluency of learning as opposed to discrete sections of unrelated content. For example, anatomy and physiology is always taught first as this underpins all links back to all other areas of the specification. This way students see the knowledge as a ‘bigger picture’ with clear context as to why each new piece of learning is required to be successful in the course.

Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5 we ensure fluency from our Key Stage 4 offer by presenting two pathways for students, the academic performance pathway is OCR A Level PE and is suited to our students which followed the GCSE PE, and the vocational pathway is OCR Sport which is suited to our OCR Sports science Level 2 students as well as those who passed GCSE PE with a lower grade. Each subject will receive two 120-minute lesson per week, except OCR Sport Diploma students who will receive three 120-minute lessons per week. Lesson structure and long-term planning follows the same format as Key Stage 4 lessons, other than an increased emphasis on pre-reading so lessons are focused on depth of knowledge and application.

In all theory lessons taught within the physical education department there are key aspects that are present. There is a clear focus on knowledge retention, though the use of ‘knowledge retrieval’ tasks at the begging of each lesson, where students are presented with questions from last lesson and last month. This will help to embed the key knowledge that they need in their long-term memory. Knowledge Objectives, KO’s, also ensure that each student knows exactly what knowledge needs to be gained each and every lesson. Elements of mastery discussion are also a key feature where students get to discuss to key questions and form an option before finally addressing any key misconceptions. Extended writing and exam practice will feature in every lesson in order that students can assess their knowledge through application and most importantly discover what they don’t know to fill those gaps in learning. This is key in preparing them for end of unit tests or assessed coursework tasks dependant on the course studied. Finally, at each stage of the lesson ‘powerful vocabulary’ will be taught and used, therefore students with feel confident to use these in the correct context with clear understanding of what they mean.

To monitor the quality of teaching by physical education staff leadership within the department will complete learning walks, book scrutinises, and observations to ensure that students at Harris Academy Beckenham are taught to the highest possible standard and that teachers are held accountable for the learning of their classes. Feedback is then given to teachers and either best practise can be shared during SAM time or any necessary support can be put into place.


Students at Key Stage 3 will be able to speak with confidence about their physical literacy. They will be able to explain how physical competence, mastery and knowledge, and character and confidence impact on their sports performance and their overall health and wellbeing. The breadth and depth allow students to find an area of the curriculum which appeals to them and helps to promote a positive attitude towards having an on-going healthy and active lifestyle. The love of sport and physical education at Harris Beckenham is evident with the uptake in our ‘sport enrichment’ programme, providing a competitive sports pathway for our students both inside and outside the academy via community links.

At Key Stage 4 CORE the students will demonstrate positive engagement in sport and exercise through the options programme tailored to their needs in order that the positive engagement continues beyond their schooling.

Students at Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 within the examined curriculum will gain qualifications which allow them to access further education courses and pursue possible careers in all areas of the sports and exercise industry.

Year 7 Curriculum Plan 2019-2020 Core

Year 8 Curriculum Plan 2019-2020 Core

Year 9 GCSE Curriculum Plan 2019-2020

Year 10 GCSE Curriculum Plan 2019-2020

Year 11 GCSE Curriculum Plan 2019-2020


Year 9 Dance Curriculum Plan 2019-2020

Year 11 Dance Curriculum Plan 2019-2020


Year 10 CTEC Sports Science Curriculum Plan 2019-2020

Year 11 CTEC Sports Science Curriculum Plan 2019-2020