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⛷Ski Trip 2020⛷ Day 4 and the conditions are still perfect!


⛷Ski Trip 2020⛷ Another great day of skiing!


⛷Ski Trip 2020 ⛷ Early morning crew out on the slopes already!


⛷Ski Trip 2020 ⛷The infamous HABE ski quiz is underway!


⛷Ski Trip 2020 ⛷ great afternoon ski for the advanced group!


⛷Ski Trip 2020 ⛷ First morning of skiing done! Some great progress being made all round!


⛷Ski Trip 2020 ⛷We are ready and excited for the first day of skiing!


⛷Ski Trip 2020 ⛷Ski fitting is done and now waiting for dinner 🍕🥩🍝


⛷Ski Trip 2020 ⛷Snow is looking good for tomorrow!


⛷Ski Trip 2020 ⛷ we have arrived safe and sound! Will be posting pictures soon!


⛷Ski Trip 2020 ⛷ journey going well!


⛷Ski Trip 2020 ⛷ We have boarded the ferry and are on our way!!


Retweetd From Inspiring the Future

Yesterday, some amazing sixth-form students from were at 's “our journey to decarbonisation” conference at The Crystal. Watch this fantastic speech from the event.


Retweetd From Harris Federation Geography

Y7 students completing fieldwork in Kelsey Park. Examining the impact of human activity in their local area.


Y7 students calculating how long in earth years it would take to get to various planets using various modes of transportation, eg Usain Bolt running or riding a horse! Fun fact -Usain bolt would take 114 yrs to run to Venus versus a space craft taking 2 months#ROGSchools


Congratulations! The music department and students managed to raise almost £100 in the cake sale this week to rent a double bass for the HABE Big Band orchestra!


Retweetd From Literacy Trust

After shared some of her debut children’s book, Sulwe (), at our Words for Work: Women in Leadership event with , a student from was inspired to “read more as knowledge is power." Here she is with students and


We were privileged to welcome Stephen Kelman, author of 'Pigeon English' to HABE to speak about his book. This offered our Y11 students an inspirational, in depth knowledge of his writing, bringing to the book to life.


Many congratulations to our Debate Mate team who won 3 out of 4 of their debates! Judges complimented our students on their maturity and hard work and we wish them continued success with their aspirations of winning this year!


BIG BAND CAKE SALE - HABE students, come enjoy some treats and help us raise money to buy instruments for the HABE Big Band orchestra!

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Posted on October 31st 2019

Stunning Naples Trip Brings History to Life

Naples 3This October, a group of Year 9 and 10 students went on an exciting four-day trip to Naples. From the airport, students witness the breath-taking Herculaneum – a city now covered in volcanic pyroclastic flows.

The following day, students climbed Mount Vesuvius and were greeted by an amazing view  - the  drama of a live volcano, with smoke descending from in-between the rocks of Vesuvius as we stood on top of the mountain.

A trip to the ancient Roman city Pompeii highlighted the sheer power of Mount Vesuvius – students got to observe houses, market places and even people buried under volcanic ash and pumice – all vivid remnants of the 29 AD eruption.

Naples 2Everything seemed to be frozen in time and a tour guide provided an insight into what life might have been like in the luxurious public houses of the Roman citizens who once lived a lavish life along the edge of the volcano, enjoying the Roman baths and theatres still visible today.

Driving along the stunning Amalfi Coast allowed for visits to Salerno and other towns along the coastline where students enjoyed the hot weather which accompanied us for the entire trip. Another high light was the boat trip to the Emerald Caves.

Before heading to the airport to return home, our tour guide took us on a Naples Underground Tour, revealing the city’s 2,400-year history from the ancient Greeks to modern times.

I am proud to report that every single one of our students showed great enthusiasm for both the History of Naples and the geographical evidence around!

By Ms Alexander, History

Naples 1