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The ETA of the French trip arrival back at the Academy is 7pm!


Our Year 8 students spilling the tea on History at the Imperial War Museum, come and join the tea party!


Our stunning piece of artwork created by our Harris Experience students called 'Our World' made from donated up-cycled materials from staff, all of which had a special meaning or story attached to it. A community project sold at auction and purchased by Lord Harris himself!


The fun continues ...


Our Year 9s are immersed in a day packed rich with history. They have enjoyed a walking tour of Whitechapel, learning all about the murders of 1888 and are currently experiencing a day in the life of an Elizabethan soldier!”


Students are at the market in Mont Didier. Having a great time practising their French! Bon Appetite!


With auction hammers at the ready our Harris Experience students have received their training to auction their creation at Christies entitled 'Our World'; a map of the world made from up-cycled material donated from staff behind which every piece has a story or precious memory.


Students have just visited the site of "le grande mine" at the Lochnagar Crater and the Somme Museum.


HABE Careers Fair 2019 began with George Imafidon, who gave an inspirational speech about moving out of your comfortable zone into the growth zone!


Looks like our staff and students are enjoying the most wonderful time already!


Well-done to our amazing PE department. A great achievement!!


Retweetd From WORDfest 13.07.2019

Last act of the day!! Looking forward to next year already...


Retweetd From WORDfest 13.07.2019

Fancy watching Wimbledon in an open air setting with food, drink and music? Head on down to !


Retweetd From WORDfest 13.07.2019

A fiery debate taking place in our Creative Canopy Tent!


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BREAKING NEWS: SPAIN TRIP UPDATE...they have landed earlier than expected and arrival at HABE is expected at 4:45pm 🇪🇸


IMPORTANT UPDATE regarding . We have just received news that flight is now delayed. Estimated time of arrival back to the Academy is now 6.00pm.


Students are boarded on the flight to Gatwick and currently on schedule to arrive back in Beckenham at 4pm.


Lunchtime @ PortAventura_ES. Happy but a little dizzy from some of the rides!


"2019. We are now in Park Guell after experiencing octopus in la boqueria on .

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Homework Booklets Y7 - Y11




Homework is a vital part of a student’s learning experience.

This page explains why homework is so important and provides links to our current homework booklets.

Why does homework matter?

  • It provides students with the opportunity to review and consolidate their learning to ensure it is not forgotten
  • It also provides students with the change to extend and build upon their knowledge
  • It develops students’ independence; ability to organise and manage their time as well as a sense of responsibility and self-discipline.
  • It supports a valuable learning link between home and school.

Homework booklets

Each term, we produce homework booklets for each year, outlining what homework is set per week. You can download the booklets below.

Knowledge Organisers

As well as traditional homework tasks which are completed in subject books, on a fortnightly basis students will produce a Knowledge Organiser in their orange Knowledge Organiser books. This will be an opportunity to summarise and review a topic they have recently studied – this in turn can be used to support revision in preparation for assessments. Please review to the homework booklets to see when Knowledge Organisers are expected.

If you have any questions about how you can further support your child in homework, please contact the Academy.

Homework Rationale and Procedure

Y8 Summer 2 2019

Y11 Summer 1

Y11 Spanish Vocab Summer 1

Y10 Summer 1

Y10 Spanish Vocab Summer 1

Y10 French Vocab Summer 1

Y9 Summer 1

Y9 Spanish Vocab Summer 1

Y9 French Vocab Summer 1

Y8 Summer 1

Y8 Spanish Vocab Summer 1

Y8 French Vocab Summer 1

Y7 Summer 1

Y7 French Vocab Summer 1

Y7 Spanish Vocab Summer 1


Y8 Spring 2 2019

Y8 French Vocab Spring 2 2019

Y8 Spanish Vocab Spring 2 2019

Y9 Spring 2 2019

Y9 French Vocab Spring 2 2019

Y9 Spanish Vocal Spring 2 2019

Y10 Spring 2 March 2019

Y10 French Vocab Spring 2 2019

Y10 Spanish Vocab Spring 2 2019

Y11 Spring 2 2019

Y11 French Vocab Spring 2 2019

Y11 Spanish Vocab Spring 2 2019

Y7 Spring Term 1 2019

Y7 French Vocab Spring 1 2019

Y7 Spanish Vocab Spring 1 2019

Y8 Spring Term 1 2019

Y8 French Vocab Spring 1 2019

Y8 Spanish Vocab Spring 1 2019

Y9 Spring Term 1 2019

Y9 French Vocab Spring 1 2019

Y9 Spanish Vocab Spring 1 2019

Y10 Spring Term 1 2019

Y10 French Vocab Spring 1 2019

Y10 Spanish Vocab Spring 1 2019

Y11 Spring Term 1 2019

Y11 French Vocab Spring 1 2019

Y11 Spanish Vocab Spring 1 2019

Y7 Autumn Term 2 - 2018

Y8 Autumn Term 2 - 2018

Y9 Autumn Term 2 - 2018

Y10 Autumn Term 2- 2018

Y11 Autumn Term 2 -2018


Y7 Autumn Term 2018

Y8 Autumn Term 2018

Y9 Autumn Term 2018

Y10 Autumn Term 2018

Y11 Autumn Term 2018