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Well done 7EL-RR for having the highest attendance records! Pizza treats all round!


Harris Academy Beckenham host Lord Harris and Dominic Raab for Question Time debate!


We are excited to announce our new Academy charity We look forward to raising money for this important cause!


We need you! Y10 Careers Fair - Tuesday July 16th at Harris Academy Beckenham. Can any local businesses support us? Would you like to promote your profession or business? For more information please contact


Retweetd From Friends at Beckenham

Our next Friends at Beckenham meeting is Tuesday 7th May 6:30-7:30, all Parents and Carers welcome.


Thanks to representatives from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, our Y8 students were given the valuable opportunity to improve life skills by creating their own businesses including their unique logo, motto and business plan. Well done to our enterprising winning teams!


Our Student Leadership Group want the HABE community to vote for our Academy charity. Students and staff will be voting tomorrow but we would love to have your say!


Well done HABE! We have just received news that our team have won their first round in their bid for the Debate Mate cup, receiving encouraging feedback regarding their outstanding style and confidence.


Our talented students are ready for the first round of the Debate Mate cup! Thirty two schools are in attendance so we have a challenge ahead - GOOD LUCK HABE!!


Parent/carers of Year 7 students are warmly invited to attend the Y7 Parent Consultation evening on Thursday 9th May from 4.30 to 7.15pm. Letters and appointment sheets will be given to Y7 students after the Easter break.


Retweetd From HABE Sport

Our ETA back to the Academy will be 10:15pm. We look forward to seeing you all there!


What a great staff team! Looked like you had the best time! Thank you for giving our students such an amazing opportunity!!


Great to see our fantastic sporting students are having an amazing time in Malta!


Wishing our dedicated sportsmen and women the best of luck in their fixtures on tour in Malta...Go HABE!!


This week our girls were also matched with their mentors for mentoring programme


Our Y8 and Y9 Girls Network Team finding out what it takes to be a member of the Met Police, interacting with a variety of roles - an amazing day and experience was had by all!


An excellent History revision technique session was enjoyed by all our Y11 Historians! - exploring how the mind remembers information and then applying techniques to aid information retention. Mental Health and well being during the exam period was also explored and discussed.


Harris Junior Experience students visiting the Saatchi Gallery today enter a giant kaleidoscope and enjoy creating their own work based on that of Tillman, who has taken his inspiration from the inners of a Kaleidoscope


Many Congratulations! A fabulous achievement!


Well done to all our students, staff and parent/carers who ran and generously donated to help us reach our goal of £1,000 for our Comic Relief 5k run!

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Homework Booklets Y7 - Y11




Homework is a vital part of a student’s learning experience.

This page explains why homework is so important and provides links to our current homework booklets.

Why does homework matter?

  • It provides students with the opportunity to review and consolidate their learning to ensure it is not forgotten
  • It also provides students with the change to extend and build upon their knowledge
  • It develops students’ independence; ability to organise and manage their time as well as a sense of responsibility and self-discipline.
  • It supports a valuable learning link between home and school.

Homework booklets

Each term, we produce homework booklets for each year, outlining what homework is set per week. You can download the booklets below.

Knowledge Organisers

As well as traditional homework tasks which are completed in subject books, on a fortnightly basis students will produce a Knowledge Organiser in their orange Knowledge Organiser books. This will be an opportunity to summarise and review a topic they have recently studied – this in turn can be used to support revision in preparation for assessments. Please review to the homework booklets to see when Knowledge Organisers are expected.

If you have any questions about how you can further support your child in homework, please contact the Academy.

Homework Rationale and Procedure

Y11 Summer 1

Y11 Spanish Vocab Summer 1

Y10 Summer 1

Y10 Spanish Vocab Summer 1

Y10 French Vocab Summer 1

Y9 Summer 1

Y9 Spanish Vocab Summer 1

Y9 French Vocab Summer 1

Y8 Summer 1

Y8 Spanish Vocab Summer 1

Y8 French Vocab Summer 1

Y7 Summer 1

Y7 French Vocab Summer 1

Y7 Spanish Vocab Summer 1


Y8 Spring 2 2019

Y8 French Vocab Spring 2 2019

Y8 Spanish Vocab Spring 2 2019

Y9 Spring 2 2019

Y9 French Vocab Spring 2 2019

Y9 Spanish Vocal Spring 2 2019

Y10 Spring 2 March 2019

Y10 French Vocab Spring 2 2019

Y10 Spanish Vocab Spring 2 2019

Y11 Spring 2 2019

Y11 French Vocab Spring 2 2019

Y11 Spanish Vocab Spring 2 2019

Y7 Spring Term 1 2019

Y7 French Vocab Spring 1 2019

Y7 Spanish Vocab Spring 1 2019

Y8 Spring Term 1 2019

Y8 French Vocab Spring 1 2019

Y8 Spanish Vocab Spring 1 2019

Y9 Spring Term 1 2019

Y9 French Vocab Spring 1 2019

Y9 Spanish Vocab Spring 1 2019

Y10 Spring Term 1 2019

Y10 French Vocab Spring 1 2019

Y10 Spanish Vocab Spring 1 2019

Y11 Spring Term 1 2019

Y11 French Vocab Spring 1 2019

Y11 Spanish Vocab Spring 1 2019

Y7 Autumn Term 2 - 2018

Y8 Autumn Term 2 - 2018

Y9 Autumn Term 2 - 2018

Y10 Autumn Term 2- 2018

Y11 Autumn Term 2 -2018


Y7 Autumn Term 2018

Y8 Autumn Term 2018

Y9 Autumn Term 2018

Y10 Autumn Term 2018

Y11 Autumn Term 2018