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As part of our school celebration, we created a video with a few students from our community sharing what they love about their cultural backgrounds. Please view our video... Cultural heritage via ENJOY!


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Every child with and ACE (adverse child experience) needs a knight. That knight can be you. Just one emotionally-available adult in a child's school career can make all the difference. We can make a difference, you can make a difference....


Young Gifted And STEM is an organisation to improve the engagement of Black and Minority Ethnic students with STEM subjects. On Sat 24th October Harris Invictus Academy Croydon will be hosting the launch event aimed at 14-18 year olds. Register here!


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HABE SUPER SUNDAY! Each week a different department will set a challenge - team PE went first.. Get any ball from any sport into a bin as far away as possible, how do you think we did? Tweet your video's or send to


Please view the latest correspondence we have received from the Local Authority regarding Covid 19.


First student commission meeting of the year, Mrs Warnock, Mr Christopher and the student commission discussed 4 main points: COVID, Conduct, Homework & Thinking Hard, a new education system our school is implementing. Created very positive discussions and feedback.


Celebrating BHM.


HABE celebrates Black History Month exhibiting examples of outstanding artwork!


# Oxbridge •Thu 15th Oct – Medicine/Oxbridge applications to be submitted to UCAS •Wed 14th Oct – Medicine/Oxbridge applications to be submitted to HEA •Tue 13th Oct – Medicine/Oxbridge applications to be submitted to HABE Sixth Form Team


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Another excellent turnout for year 8 boys football training this evening


Competition time! History-Research David Olusoga and re-design a front cover for his book Black and British. Explain your re-design in 200 words. Refer to at least three historical details from black British history. Email- Ms Hussein


BHM - Competition time for all HABE students! PE- Send a video of yourself showboating a skill or trick shot in any sport/activity. To enter email- Mr Shone


BHM - Competition time for all HABE students! English- Create a poster of a key black figure exploring their importance (Deadline Fri 16th Oct). To enter email- Ms Valente


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If you’re a parent, drop your kid’s school a line to tell them they’re doing a good job. It’ll mean the world when they find it on Monday morning.


Calling Y12! Introducing K+ Kings College London programme. completely free and offers a programme of events, activities and academic workshops created to help support your university application and more! Apply here Deadline - Friday the 23rdOctober


BHM - celebrating key figures


Celebrating people from every background and culture! “We are changed by what we see. Just as we are changed when we are seen” .


Celebrating Black History Month...


Celebrating cultural cuisine during Black History Month!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Beyond the curriculum

While our priority is supporting students in increasing their subject specific knowledge, we also recognise the importance of developing their cultural capital and helping to prepare them for life beyond education.

Virtual Assembly

Please see below for a link our Virtual Celebration assembly. 

Click HERE

The Beckenham Experience is back! 

By popular demand, those of you who met on a Wednesday, and those of you who wished you had, our teachers have recreated their masterclasses remotely for you! The Beckenham Experience brings staff and students together to be challenged about topics and interests outside of our curriculum and enables us to know more about the wider world! Whether it is something you'd never heard of, or something you'd always wondered about, take the time to sit down, watch the masterclass and conduct some research of your own! 

If any of the masterclasses make you think of thought provoking questions then e-mail them into Mrs Hamlin at 

This week’s instalment is, A Summer at the Palace” This week Ms Carvall explains all about her summer job within Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s London home. Here she will give you a history of the palace, a breakdown in the expectations of her role, but also some of the inside details that she was lucky enough to be witness to. Ms Carvall inspires us all to utilise our summers to learn, explore and try out pathways we may not have before. What a brilliant opportunity this Summer might be to discover something new!

Use the summer to revisit these masterclasses and learn an array of new topics!

Click HERE for Ms Carvall's masterclass


While we are proud of our Virtual Curriculum offer, we are mindful that many students will want to stretch themselves beyond this and further enhance their knowledge.

This week we introduce our challenge resources in the link below. Here you will find resources created to stretch students in all of subject areas. Students can use these resources to push themselves in something they’ve always found difficult or simply set themself the challenge of completing an extra task per week, to keep stretching and expanding their knowledge! 

Have a look at the resources below and email your subject teacher with any of your finished work. Challenge yourselves – your limits to learning are endless!  

Click HERE for Challenge resources

Click HERE for the Challenge PowerPoint

Children of Lockdown - Storychest

Storychest, the digital scrapbook app, is launching a new children’s initiative that is sure to go down in history!

Children aged 3 and 17 are being asked to reflect on their experiences of lockdown for a digital time capsule to be displayed on a dedicated Children of Lockdown website that will be kept forever as part of the British Library’s UK Web Archive. The project is called Children of Lockdown and is not only a record of children's experiences in this unprecedented time, but is also a competition which will be judged by a panel including British children’s authors, including HABE English teacher Mr. Brisenden!

The idea is to create a collection of children's responses to lockdown as it is such a pivotal moment in history. These could include stories, poems, drawings or any other creative response. To enter Children of Lockdown, you have until 7pm on 26th July to upload your entry. All entries will be displayed on a website and the British Library will be saving them in an archive. Winners will be announced on 17th August on Storychest’s Facebook page and website.

You can read more about Children of Lockdown and submit your entry here -

Children of Lockdown logo

Click on the icon above for more information.

Lockdown Art Challenge: 

The Art Department are introducing an exciting competition open to all students which focuses on thinking about and portraying their differing experiences throughout this period. Prizes are available!


Film Club 

Click HERE for this week's Film Club





This week's well-being session is focussed on knowing yourself and understanding the new normal.

Click HERE for this week's Well-being session



LRC Newsletter

Latest LRC Newsletter


While we all adhere to the Government guidelines, it is important that we take the time to look after our physical and mental well-being. Below is a collection of resources that will help students and parents to do so.

HABE Wellbeing Guide April-2020

The Brilliant Club

The Brilliant Club is a group that seeks to stretch 11-18 year old students using a range of masterclasses to help make the transition between school and university easier. The link below will lead you to their website.

These masterclasses will allow you to challenge yourself and reveal new pathways for your academic futures. Have a look through, there are masterclasses on:

  • The crucial elements of University applications
  • How to write a university style essay
  • Subject specific masterclasses in Science and History

Click HERE for the Brilliant Club student resources

Speakers for Schools

Speakers for Schools is an organisation that supports academies with their careers programmes by sourcing speakers with high profile careers who wish to support young people in developing their knowledge about the world of employment and illuminate them of the huge range of opportunites available to them.

They have just announced the launch of a new Virtual talks programme. From Monday 20th April, as part of our careers programme there will be livestreamed talks from some of the UK’s top leading figures. The talks will involve masterclasses and interviews from speakers from across: business, arts, academia, media and more. Speakers will be sharing their own stories and expertise on a variety of subjects.

You can find the schedule and links to all live talks HERE

Upcoming talks include:

  • Paul Williams, Producer, BBC Natural History Unit will give insights to students on the work of a Wildlife Producer for TV. He will explore with KS3+ students what it takes to make a nature programme and how they do it
  • David Morrissey, Actor and Director will give a short introduction to his career and journey, then KS4-5 will be given the opportunity to submit questions for David to answer!
  • Baroness Natalie Bennett, Former Leader of the Green Party will talk with KS3 students about the environment and what we can do to reduce plastic usage and waste.